Thursday, September 4, 2008

Observations from the RNC

Well, 3 seconds into the Republican Nation Convention coverage tonight, some jerk started holding up a "McCain votes against vets" banner. Think of several points - they allowed it, for some reason, even though security was clearly seen at one point rushing the guy. What's worse is that the cameras kept showing the fool, alternating between holding his sign and proudly displaying his arms in the air with a V for Veteran, or Victory (presumably. I could be wrong, it could be V for Very Stupid, but whatever.)

But think of the Democrats and their media circus, and their whiny crybaby tendencies. What happened when the militant homeboy held up his sign at Obama's media event? His people ran in and ripped up the fool's sign. The only reason no one flipped out over it is because the media was quick to throw out releases saying Obama owned the guy and his questions. Ok, first of all, no one owned anyone, short of a buying off the media joke (but I'm not touching that one.) I watched it. The dude was a wingnut to begin with. He might as well have jumped up and said Bush caused Hurricane Katrina, and that George Bush doesn't care about black people. You don't have to be a good speaker to outspeak a whackadoo. It's one of the principles of public speaking. Whackadoos are everywhere, they fall out of the sky to ruin your day, and they frequently pick up some sort of liberal tree-hugging or divisive issue and go all stupid.

Another fella was removed from the convention for disruptive behavior, but the cameras stayed off the subject. McCain didn't, asking people to ignore the white noise. Or brown noise, as it may have been. This sort of idiocy should be expected, and might be - but it's a shame to even have to prepare for it. Glad I'm not working security in Saint Paul. Broken teeth on broken hippies tends to lead to trouble when tens of thousands of people see it on live television. It might actually boost ratings, though.

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