Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Lord of the Blogs: Return of the Chief

I am so neglectful. For shame, Big Chief! Neglectful, but consistent. Workaholism, some call it. I don't think that's quite right though. I am not dependent on Workahol.

First and foremost, redirect yourself to


Don't do that again. I thrive on your reading. Anyway, CastersRealm has been getting some love again. Yay. I feel like I should be playing some sort of nerdplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu or Shadowrun or Paranoia or... wow, I know way too many name of those sorts of games. But I feel like I should be downing Mountain Dews and chomping on salt and vinegar chips, staying up til four and five in the morning. I keep getting sucked into things with work, and every time I finish one task I've set, I see something else that needs done, and need to finish it.

At this rate, I could build a new Death Star with my bare hands. That thing would be full operational!

So now here I am, sneaking in a blog break between other projects. Blog breaks are nowhere near as satisfying as Fast Breaks, in their chocolatety splendor, or smoke breaks. But blog breaks don't make you stink like the ash of a half burned tome; some evil book you tried to rid this earth of in the fireplace of an ancestral manse, for the peace and safety of humanity as well as for the ability to cling to the last vestiges of your tattered sanity before the gods of old pull you shrieking into the primal darkness from whence they once came, gibbering with madness and locked into the dark places that were sealed with the signs of power....

Ok. No more Lovecraft for a while. I'm taking the fact that I can't get to the HP Lovecraft film festival this weekend too hard. Next year, I am going to petition UGO up down left right and possibly utilizing other functions of Konami-style code to try to get them to send me out with press passes. You know, for the safety of us all, and all that.

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