Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This year, I'm thankful to get out of my craphole of an apartment. My fiancee and I are moving to PA. What's worse, is that we're moving to PA. It's not the greatest state. It just happens to be infinitely better than South Carolina. You know, the "Sporadic Towns Situated in the Midst of Swamps and Nothing" state. There is nothing here. My apartment has something wrong with it I cannot readily identify, that is making us sick (literally - and figuratively.) So we're leaving the day before Thanksgiving for a 12 hour drive with our stuff. Even now, I write this entry from a laptop in the middle of an ocean of boxes and other packing-related crap. Awaiting the NXE. That's right, I can't wait until that stupid update finally comes tonight, or should I say tomorrow, since it's at 00:00 PST.

Anyway, I doubt I'll post another entry before Thanksgiving (don't quote me on that though) so here's your Thanksgiving entry. And in true BCK style, an related image that barely makes sense.


dooge1992 said...

They're going to Stol Vor Cor!

Big Chief Knockemboots said...

All their turkey comrades will gather around them and howl to warn the dead that another turkey warrior is about to arrive.