Thursday, February 12, 2009

Concept? M$-Selling? KA-CHING!!

Mark Jacobs, the head of Mythic Entertainment, hates gold sellers. We know this. Most people hate goldsellers. They're seen as opportunistic, manipulative, greedy little Ferengi bastards. Where does anyone get off on selling a virtual currency system via conversion to real-life monies?
Alright, I admit that Ballmer wasn't necessarily the one who put M$ points into practice, but Bill Gates has gotten blamed and parodied to death. Plus, who's going to mock a motherf%#@r who can unleash swarms of mosquitos? He's like a supervillain. The Mosquito. Awesome.

At any rate, it begs the question: Is the conversion of US Dollars (British pounds, Euro... uh... Euros, etc.) to Microsoft Points a valid credit system whereby one utilizes said credits as forms of payment for media in a financially validated environment and a legitimate system? Or is it similar to gold-selling techniques whereby Microsoft uses a similar tactic of using a virtual monetary system to their advantage and for financial gain? For instance, in a virtual economy (WoW, WAR, LOTRO, et al) one uses gold to purchase weapons, armor, etc. One can purchase gold from gold-sellers for a predetermined dollar fee, which can then be used in the game. Microsoft allows players to purchase Microsoft points, which are used to purchase media on Xbox Live, such as videos, arcade titles, downloadable content, etc.

The only discernable difference is, quite clearly, that M$ points cannot be acquired by any other means than purchasing them (essentially converting US Dollars or other monies to credits created and distributed exclusively by Microsoft for the Xbox Live service.) One cannot "level" their Xbox Live account to get points. Unless it's Gamerscore points. Which is an entirely different topic, so we're not going there.

This post has been food for your philosophical thought. Chew it over. You can taste both sides. Mmm. Tasty sides. Agggghhhhh.....

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Little Bug said...

*Snicker* No clue what prompted this post, however, the last little bit "Chew it over. You can taste both sides. Mmm. Tasty sides. Agggghhhhh....." I couldn't help but snicker at!