Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kenny Glenn, Complete Douchebag

And today's topic, flying around the internet at the speed of things which fly through a series of tubes at a high velocity, is Kenny Glenn. "But Big Chief," you say, "Who or what, or possibly when, is a Kenny Glenn." Well, Kenny Glenn is a stupid teenager from Lawton, OK. From, like, now.

Kenny Glenn posted two videos on YouTube, today (February 15th, 2009) in which he abuses a cat named Dusty. Calling himself "Timmy" and "The Animal Abuser," the videos were posted on the YouTube account of "glennspam1". Anonymous, the Legion of unnamed users from 4chan, were on it like a fat chick on a ham, and soon KSWO News was flooded by calls and emails to air the story.

Comanche County teen films himself abusing cat, airs on YouTube
Posted: Feb 15, 2009 08:43 PM

Lawton_In a disgusting case of animal abuse, a cat being abused was filmed by the culprits and posted on YouTube. A teenaged boy slammed a cat against a wall and repeatedly struck it. It was a hot topic on the internet all day Sunday and bloggers think it happened in Lawton.
Among the thousands of posts on the internet, commenters pointed to Lawton as the source after it was posted this weekend. The user name and information, along with other information on the internet pointed to a teen here in Texoma. Posts from all over to country asked people to call 7News, and plenty did. Due to it's graphic nature, much of the video was edited for this story.
The teenager - who calls himself "Timmy" entered a bathroom that he called his laboratory. Inside the shower was a cat which the boy picked up by its neck and slammed against the wall and floor before beating it with his fists. The attack continued for more than a minute.
YouTube removed the video Sunday afternoon and disabled the user's account - but not before it was seen about 30,000 times. Local authorities confirm that they are investigating the video, and Lawton Police say the Comanche County Sheriff's Department is investigating. Sheriff Kenny Stradley has been shown the video.

Due to the graphic nature of the videos, I will not provide an uncensored link here and will only provide one upon request. And since I don't live at my computer, don't expect an immediate response unless you give me an email address.

This kid is a psychopath. I have to praise Anonymous on getting all OCD on him and finding every shred of info and making it public - not just because I don't want to get my computer blown up by Anon ninja hackers, but because any kid who can act like Kenny Glenn did with no feeling deserves to get their ass handed to them. Be it bar fight style, or public humiliation style. I have to point out the near-irony that he chose to call himself Timmy in the video, most likely because of the abrupt "Timmy!" he tried to say (like the South Park character. But, like Timmy, this kid is completley retarded. Unlike Timmy, this kid is an unloved dumb douchenozzle that is going to grow up to wear a gimp mask and hang around a dominatrix named Bill.

I don't know if he'll actually get charged with anything, but the little douchebag should get shot in the testicles. So should his friend that filmed it. But, since I'm a big believer in vigilante justice, I will provide more information on the abuser than you'd think possible:

Name: Kenny Glenn
Location: Lawton OK
Google map of his house: Click Here
Mother's Name: Sandi Glenn
2209 NW 25th St
Lawton, OK 73505-1916
(580) 585-6425

This kid touched a nerve. And nobody touches my nerves except neurosurgeons, Mi-Go, and my Little Bug. I'm going to go pet my kitty. Right now. And rub him. And tell him what a good kitty he is, even if he occasionally claws up my chair and pees on my carpet. He's still a good kitty, dammit!


Little Bug said...

As I sat reading this from your blog, while I waited for the desk top to load so I could read and respond to it from my blogger account, I started to wonder what exactly you were doing to Rejar downstairs. As I got to the bottom and noted what you said I got tear balls. Now, with the fact that the cat is taking over yourself control as he meows your name and sticks his little paw in the door, I know, you would be lost without having him here. And I hope your allergies aren't to bad to allow you to sleep tonight. Here I come to pet the kitty with you!

Oh, and someone does need to shoot the douche bag in the the testicles. Also, to ease your mind and to protect my dreams, I didn't watch that video and I wont.

Big Chief Knockemboots said...

Contact update -

Comanche County District Attorney:

Comanche County Courthouse
Room 502
(Witness Center - Room 201)
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501
Phone: (580) 585-4444