Thursday, February 12, 2009

Washington, DC

At some point, everyone immerses themselves in something entirely more than they should. Some people play Everquest, and leave their kids in the car. Some people play World of Warcraft, and leave their kids in the car. Some people are 60 years old and go to bingo each and every single Tuesday night, and have since 1968. And leave their kids in the car.

The point is, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing (the "could be" is for the philosophical antagonists before they even start.) In some way, whether it be making Freudian slips about the crazy helicopter pilot Mr. T hated named Murloc, or alienating yourself into a little clique (or clan or guild or team or flock or whatever) of like-minded individuals who share that particular passion, or leaving your kids in the car, there's almost always something bad that comes from too much of whatever it is you like.
This is a view of the Capitol Building and The Mall in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it this way in my mind in quite some time. I typically see it like this
It's not even necessarily that I've played Fallout 3 too much. It's that... ok, I've played Fallout 3 too much. I ran around the Capitol Wasteland shooting Super Mutants and ferile ghouls and whatever else I encounter. But I spent enough time in the DC ruins that while watching the Inauguration I had the irresistable urge to stand on the steps of the Capitol and look out over the Mall in Fallout 3. When they moved into the Rotunda, I wanted to also. And now, with Lincoln's birthday, I want to go back to the Rotunda, make a mock speech (mine wouldn't be quite as full of historical inaccuracies regarding the Reconstruction period as some people's) and then head over to the Lincoln Memorial to check on the escaped slaves and see if they managed to reattach Abe's head yet.

I know there are not only some, but a lot of people (coughkidscough) that have explored a lot more of the game than I have, but that's because I play entirely too many games to commit to just one. I have a life filled with a series of tubes, my wife, other games, not leaving kids in the car... you know, actually, my life seems pretty boring. Now I'm depressed. Time to cheer myself up by going bowling!!!

...In Liberty City.

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Little Bug said...

And yet, still, you have not gone bowling. I suppose you will do that while I sleep tonight. This said because it sounds as if you are currently playing a game involving a guitar. :P