Saturday, March 21, 2009

Generic Blog Entry 33.0

What up y'all, welcome to the show. I'm Big Chief, like you don't already know. And this is my sidekick, Fat Pat, he goes "eh eh eh eh" and all of that. Ok, not really. That's some modified lyrics from an ICP song. That I now must post. Thanks blog-readers, look what you did. Also, warning, explicit lyrics.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's time to ramble. Lord, I was born a Ramblin' Man... no, no, no, I must not post more YouTube videos. That's enough. Seriously. If you readers wanted to watch tv, you wouldn't be online. Unless you have WebTV. Then you're probably watching tv. And you've also probably time traveled here from like, 1997. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!!!

I was talking recently with someone about the President. Of the United States. Yes, seriously. Yes, people actually still talk to me about him. Yes, they know I don't like him. Can we move on? Thank you. So I was asked recently about the President. The person I was talking to mentioned something to the effect that he was Hitler. Yes. Hitler. Naturally, I had to point out the obvious. I actually added it to the Personal Quotes on the right column, but I'll repost it for the purpose of continuity:

They're saying Obama is Hitler? I thought they said Bush was. I'll bet the next president will be Hitler too.

I'm cynical a lot of the time, but I even have hope. Hope floats. That was in a movie. Although, I don't find that too encouraging, because shit also floats. And we're in deep. But regardless, I have no qualms about anyone if they do the right thing. But my qualms are multiplying right now, and I'm going to need qualm storage soon. I also need to stop watching the news, because it's getting so bad I think my qualms are beginning to reproduce asexually.

So, enough about politics. Anyone see Battlestar Galactica? Everyone who's anyone has been talking about it. I didn't see it. I don't really like it. I saw the first few episodes and couldn't dedicate myself to it. But then again, I did that with the new Doctor Who series, and I actually caught back up a good way streaming via Netflix. Anyway, they smoked space blunts, some people were dying, and now it's over. Hurrah. Nerds are probably pissed at me. Well, that makes everyone, I'm outtie.

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