Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Healthy!

So, I come to find out that bitching and complaining [in your blog] about whatever bothers you is healthy way to vent anger and frustration. This information was presented by the US Department of Duh. But, who wants to sound like a pissed off jerk all the time? Not me! I only want to sound like a pissed off jerk some of the time.

I noticed via my 360voice blog that someone gave me negative rep the other day. Considering the only multiplayer interaction I usually have anymore is ranked UNO games, I knew someone had to be acting like a butthurt little baby because I beat them and they were mad so they negged me. Ok, but what did they rep me for? I looked it up.


I've only been negged twice ever - once was because my ISP was run by retarded space monkeys and I couldn't stay connected, so I was reported as "Quit Early" (which is fair, I will give them that.) But this dumb douchenozzle negged me for Language. "But Chief" you go on, "What did you say? Did you call them names? Did you tell them where exactly they could stick those cards?" Nope. I didn't say anything. Actually, the best I can figure is that someone got pissed off because I wasn't talking. I never - no, scratch that - very rarely use a mic when playing UNO. It's my end of the night, relax and feel good game. And some dickless idiot goes and spoils it by neg-repping me like a pampered little girl.

Oh, good news Xbox 360 buddies - I just won an Ebay auction for a copy of Gears of War 2. So now I'll probably being playing that on Horde mode a lot again. Last time I played Horde mode with some buddies from Gamers Republic it was awesome - in fact, it was probably one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I've had since my first multiplayer game of Left 4 Dead with George, or the late nights I spent after work playing Terrorist Hunt on Rainbow Six Vegas back in '07. Yikes, 2007. 2007....

That makes me think of something else. Well, that's it. Everything makes me think of something else. A lot. Recently, I keep reflecting on the past, a lot more than I used to. Mostly bad stuff, to be honest; stuff I wish I could go back to eight or nine years ago and bust out with some mature shit, but also some good things. Like 2007. Man, I WORKED. A LOT. Work all day busting my ass at a factory, then I would come home and work out on the super mega awesome Chuck Norris Ass-Kicking Device known as the Total Gym (Seriously, kids, I swear by it, it will change your life.) then a few hours later after showering I would turn on the Xbox and play games. It was awesome. Like a drug. I completely neglected the internet. All my online friends didn't know what was going on, what had happened to me. But I eventually leveled out, was able to swing many things at once, balance it all, multitask even. And then.... I got with my girlfriend who became my fiancee who became my wife and now I sometimes forget what a multiplayer online game is. Whee! Looking back is fun. Don't read this paragraph too many times though, please. The Hounds will follow........

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