Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh hai wuts goin on in here?

Ask yourself, how long, exactly, is a while? Is it a day? A week? Or is it precisely twenty-two days? It is, in my opinion, a bit more than a moment. Ba-zing.

Ok, so yes, I am alive. No, I didn't forget to post here. I felt like crap after surgery. Then I felt good. Then I felt bad again. Then I felt hungry. Then I felt sleepy. Then I felt good. Then I couldn't stay still, got an infection, and everything crapped up again. Oh well. I guess it goes to show you, if you get your face cut up by a doctor, you probably shouldn't try to take on the world for at least another week.

So, what's up, loyal readers? Expecting to hear something awesome in this blog entry? Well, you're not to be disappointed. Remember The Wilmarth Cafe? No? You're a jerk. Oh, you were kidding. Well, you're still a jerk. I'll explain what's going on with things in the following block quote:

Return of the Wilmarth Cafe

First of all, some of you probably find it odd to hear anything about the OLD forums server. There is an explanation, hold on a minute. In 2006 the Wilmarth Cafe was moved to the new server and changed over to phpBB software. After a while, those forums were upgraded to vBulletin and we all enjoyed the new site and the new software.

In May of 2008, WilmarthCafe. com went down due to lack of funding. Since then, we've received an overwhelming amount of emails, instant messages, phone calls, and even threads on the forums of other websites asking about it and hoping the site would come back. Well, in the interim, the old forums have been reactivated in an effort to bring together the Wilmarth Cafe refugees who have gotten lost into the financial shuffle. We now invite you back and hope you haven't forgotten us!

Be sure to contact Big Chief Knockemboots (formerly Prof MG Miller) via AIM (Prof MG Miller) or MSN ( if you have any lingering problems with permissions or functionality. If you can access the list of forum leaders (the moderating team) feel free to also contact any of the staff.

Also, please check out The Official 2009 Wilmarth Cafe Pledge Drive -

Thanks, and welcome back!

Now that you're suitably excited, go to the link and pledge your support so we can bring back our community's home. I mean, we can only hang on my every word here for so long before we crave other forms of BCK insight, right?

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