Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OMG Teh Pitts?! No wai!!

Here I am, still awake at twenty five after two in the morning. Am I staying up to wait for the release of The Pitt at 3 am? Ye--- nope. I know, you're shocked. I just happen to still be awake for no particular reason. Granted, tomorrow I'll be knee deep in Pittsburghian radiation, but tonight, we dine in Hell. I mean, I will go to sleep. In fact, I just took an Ambien CR, loaded up UNO on the ole 360, and plan on getting frustrated at morons. I mean, playing a few good ranked games.

Which reminds me, have you heard about the imminent release of the new UNO game on XBLA? It's UNO Rush. And it is retarded. I thought it was going to at least have the novelty of playing Tom Sawyer in the background, but nooooo. It's just crackhead spedmonkey UNO where everyone suddenly vomits their cards in a frantic dash to win achievements. So I doubt very much I'll be playing it. And now, I will end this post on a lighter note. Note to self: purchase lighter.

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