Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Aquires Marvel

Today Disney announced its acquisition of Marvel for 4 billion dollars. The internet is abuzz with comments and questions, and I'm not above throwing my two cents out there. Will Disney Disney up Marvel? Yes. It won't turn it into Mickey Mouse, but they will change their target demographic to young boys instead of teens and adults. They focus on young girls with Hanna Montana, and they will shift the comic in a way exactly as you pointed out. To make money. I also think the movies will be softened up, sliding at best to a family feel-good adventure movie such as Pirates of the Caribbean. I foresee a lot of oversight with content and an inevitable drop from potential R rated films to a more easily mass-digestible PG-13. I foresee massive proprietary spikes as far as merchandising is concerned, and having the collectibles market over-saturated with even more mass-produced crap than there is now. From a consumer standpoint, Disney gaining Marvel is the watering down of a once-loved world of heroes and villains into the cheesy assimilated family-friendly World of Disney.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi. I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such posts as 'You're reading this in my voice' and 'You just lost the game'.
From a topic I found on a discussion board:
An extraterrestrial civilization offers United Nations one of three advanced technologies:

-Gravity weaponsystem

What do you think would the UN choose?
And why would they choose it?
I think they would choose the War Penguin.

Back Again

It's been a while. Months. But here I am, larger than life and twice as awesome. Let's recount what's gone down since May.

The Wilmarth Cafe is up and running, up on another server with another host and is guaranteed to be around for at least the next two years. Join us at if you haven't already.

I'm doing alright health-wise. If you didn't know my problems, consider yourself lucky and just forget I ever said anything. Still having some problems with stress, but what can you do. "General anxiety disorder" has to be the most ambiguous term I've ever heard. So what do I most of the time now? Not much, really. Mostly play Xbox. You got a problem with that? Ok, fair enough. I honestly have been doing better - have more energy, do stuff sometimes, go out once in a while.

Speaking of which, if any of you readers want to rock Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (or the first one, for that matter) send me a message on Xbox Live. RSV2 is a great game that seriously needs more attention from me. Until ODST comes out, that and Gears 2 are my games number one games to play with friends.

So what else is new? My wife and I want to move. Anywhere. Just not here. However, the problem is that we don't have the money. She wants to move to Alabama. I want to move anywhere that isn't where I am now. Literally. I'll live on the side of a volcano, just get me out of here. All we can do is try to reduce our spending, pay off our bills, and save our cash. Once we're on top of that, we should be able to move by at least 2042.

D'oh. :(