Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Aquires Marvel

Today Disney announced its acquisition of Marvel for 4 billion dollars. The internet is abuzz with comments and questions, and I'm not above throwing my two cents out there. Will Disney Disney up Marvel? Yes. It won't turn it into Mickey Mouse, but they will change their target demographic to young boys instead of teens and adults. They focus on young girls with Hanna Montana, and they will shift the comic in a way exactly as you pointed out. To make money. I also think the movies will be softened up, sliding at best to a family feel-good adventure movie such as Pirates of the Caribbean. I foresee a lot of oversight with content and an inevitable drop from potential R rated films to a more easily mass-digestible PG-13. I foresee massive proprietary spikes as far as merchandising is concerned, and having the collectibles market over-saturated with even more mass-produced crap than there is now. From a consumer standpoint, Disney gaining Marvel is the watering down of a once-loved world of heroes and villains into the cheesy assimilated family-friendly World of Disney.

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