Friday, November 27, 2009

Aliens vs. Predator Multiplayer

Imagine, it's 2001, you're on your computer and you're playing a badass multiplayer session of Alien vs Predator 2. Now, it's 2009, and you might be saying "I wish they'd make a game like that for consoles." Well, it comes out in February. Sega released this trailer today showing off the multiplayer, and it is awesome.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Say goodbye to that bird, nerd

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heap on the squash, Josh
Slice up the Spam, Sam
Pass me that salt, Walt
And then cut me some meat
I need some fried dough, Joe
So get it over here, pronto
And then you better step back, Jack
And watch me eat
Big fat steak, Jake
Chicken pot pie, guy
Slab of cheese, please
And a root beer float
Let go the fork, dork
Get away from that roast pork
Say goodbye to that bird, nerd
It's going down my throat
So grab another plate, Nate
Open up the fridge, Midge
Dish out the spud, Bud
And make room for me
If I'm a little uncouth, Ruth
It's 'cause I got me a sweet tooth
Together again, Ben
Thanksgiving and me

Naked Space Bits

International Space Station and Atlantis (which just undocked today) can be seen Thanksgiving night with the naked eye. If you'd like to get photos, here's a link to find your time zone and the direction to look from within the US.


(Thanks Shady!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black No.9 (Little Miss Scare-All)

Lock your doors. Board up your windows. Turn off your lights. Destroy your staircase. For Gods sake, don't make any noise. Do not attempt to reach rescue centers as they may no longer be in operation. They are tireless. Barricades will not hold them. They possess a single, unexplainable need for one thing and they will not stop until they get it: unbelievable bargains at a fraction of retail price. Black Friday is again upon us, and shoppers are going to be everywhere.

A lot of people are going to be going out this Black Friday, but don't be one of those who wander around aimlessly from store to store looking for good deals. Do some research. Check out what sales the stores are having beforehand.  Here's a resource I use each year. Use it wisely; use it to your advantage.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

Scientology Attacker Gets Prison Time
366 days in jail for DDoS

By Lucian Constantin, Web News Editor
23rd of November 2009, 14:59 GMT

Dmitriy Guzner, 19, of Verona, New Jersey was sentenced to one year in prison for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against websites belonging to the Church of Scientology in January 2008. Following his release, the young DDoSer will also spend two years on probation.

According to the prosecutors Guzner's attacks were acts of hacktivism and part of a larger anti-Scientology campaign led by a hacking group called Anonymous. In October 2008, the hacker became the first Anonymous member ever to be charged in connection with the group's actions.

Anonymous is believed to have originated on the notorious /b/ forum board of the 4chan website, the birthplace of many Internet memes, including lolcats. The members of this board are known as Internet trolls with a questionable sense of humor, who sometimes harass celebrities or other groups.

But the attacks against the Church of Scientology were much more than simple Internet pranks and escalated into a full-blown hate campaign. According to the attacked organization, Anonymous' actions consisted of 8,139 threatening phone calls, 3.6 million e-mails, 141 million hits on its website, ten acts of vandalism against its property, 22 bomb threats, and eight death threats against Church leaders.

Dmitriy Guzner pleaded guilty in May 2009 and admitted to intentionally impairing a protected computer belonging to the Church of Scientology. He faced a maximum of ten years in federal prison, but under sentencing guidelines, the final penalty was expected to be between 12 and 18 months.

Last week, the 19-year-old hacker was sentenced to 366 days in prison, followed by two years of probation. He was also ordered to pay $37,500 in reparatory damages, even though the Church of Scientology claimed it cost $119,500 to repair the damages caused by Guzner.

"It's well known that many people are concerned by the Scientology movement [...], but both Scientologists and the Anti-Scientology movement have sometimes done themselves damage by the way they have carried themselves on the internet. As I've said before, though, Even if you feel passionately and earnestly that Scientology is harmful to society, it does not make illegal action (such as an internet attack) against them acceptable," Graham Cluley, commented.

I know this kid from a site I've been admin on for the past three years. He was a former member of the Wilmarth Cafe forums as well, before it moved to the new server. And I'm quite familiar with the activity on 4chan regarding the Church of Scientology. I think the protests are hilarious. The hacking, not so much. Once upon a time, one watched what they said about 4chan, and what one said about Anonymous. But those were the oldfags. Newfags are a whole 'nother animal. Today's user tends to be, well, far from frightening.

With Aendy's Dmitry Guzner's conviction and sentencing, his actions are now a matter of public record. Everything was all fun and games until he went too far. There's a right way to knock Scientology and a wrong way. I'm sure you can figure it all out.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am the Great and Powerful Motherf*#%er

Just got home. Family is still in town (my parents) so I was at my older sister's house, who lives just outside the city.  Today's been a day. Earlier, my parents came to my house, which was a stranger event than you'd imagine. It wasn't so much visiting as it was catching the end of the Steelers game as it went into overtime, then demoing the functionality and features of the Xbox 360 since my parents want to buy one. You know, for Netflix and Facebook and last.FM and basically everything but actually playing video games on the system.

At any rate, back to my sister's house, where my niece begs to watch The Wizard of Oz with her. That's cool, I'm down with that; it's been a while since I've seen it.  Had no idea if my wife ever saw it, but ever since I introduced her to Babes in Toyland I don't ask anymore. Mostly I just started watching to see if I could find the hanged midget in the background, but then I started running Pink Floyd in my head and got sucked in from there. That's ok, it wasn't all bad. My niece and younger nephew were happy. My blood pressure was a little high by the end of the day, but I got out in time to get back home and bring the puppy out with zero accidents. He's happy, I'm happy, my wife's happy, and thus I am allowed to continue to exist. Until tomorrow, at least.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Worst post ever

I feel like crap tonight, for the second night in a row. Family is in town, I have a cold or something, and I've been chasing the dog from here to Timbuktu. So instead of a wonderful, entertaining, quality post like you'd normally get, tonight you get me writing about my lack of writing. Which doesn't seem to be quite so lacking after all. Weird.

I'm going to bed.

Friday, November 20, 2009

It has been reported....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snoop Puppy Dogg

Some of you may not have heard yet, but I got a dog a few weeks ago. A puppy, actually. Someone abandoned it outside my house. Just stopped their car and threw it out. It was about six or seven weeks old then, just a tiny little puppy that was shaking and crying. Best I can tell it's mostly German Shepherd, with what's probably a little lab and possibly a little bit husky in it.

Anyway, so the dog is named Dizzy. The reason for the name is two fold. One, when he was really little, he would sit in my lap, then get up and turn around and around and fall over. Very cute. The other is partially after the character from Gears of War 2 that drives the grindlift. The dog is getting big fast. And as he grows, so does his energy. So I gotta get him to burn it off. He used to be afraid of taking walks until lately, but I now I bring him around the south part of the city every day for about an hour. South New Castle is crumbling, with dilapidated and abandoned buildings. A huge edifice lies a block from my house, looking like an old abandoned church, but is actually the remains of the Terrace Avenue School from the 1800s. An abandoned house is next door, and another across the street. What people live in the area are a mix of the elderly who have been here since New Castle wasn't a craphole, or simple white trash.

It's amazing what you see when you go for a walk. As I've pointed out, there are a lot of abandoned buildings. When I'm out walking the dog, I tend to linger and stare at some of them, such as the Terrace Av. School. You can't help but get the impression that you're the protagonist in the beginning of a Lovecraft story. As a matter of fact, for the Lovecraft aficionado, the neighborhood I live in closely mirrors the French Hill district in Arkham. But aside from the buildings, you see the people. Some are just walking down the street. Some are in their yards or on their porch. Some are just... there. But I can honestly say that for every few people I bump into, I see some kid or group of kids (note that I would refer to anyone of any age as kid if their demeanor shows it) thinking they're ghetto fab freestyle rappers, or wannabe gang-bangers. Except they're little white kids who wouldn't know the street if it bit them on the ass.

Video related:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles

More than ten years ago, Bent TV (Bentframe) made a viral hit, the Star Wars Gangsta Rap. Now they have made a sequel. Star Wars Gangsta Rap Chronicles debuted yesterday (November 10th) on This is the real sequel by the original creator and not a spoof.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday USMC

November 10, 1775. Tun Tavern. Philadelphia, PA. A committee of the Continental Congress meets to draft a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines. The resolution is approved and officially forms the Continental Marines.

The United States Marine Corps celebrates its 234th birthday today. So while you're playing your Modern Warfare 2, remember that they're out there kicking ass so you can sit on yours.

The USMC is not to be confused with the USCM, who are badass bug-hunting mothers. Nor is it to be confused with the UNSC, without whom the Covenant would have glassed us all. 

Monday, November 9, 2009

Borderlands DLC available November 24 on PS3, Xbox 360

Starting November 24, Dr. Ned is graciously opening his Zombie Island to any gun-toting maniac with ten bucks. 2K has announced the price ($9.99/800) and release date for the first Borderlands DLC pack on PS3 and Xbox 360.

2K promises "ferocious brain-eating zombies, carnivorous Were-Skags and more" on the spooky island, but, perhaps more relevant to weapon-obsessed Borderlands players, there's more "sweet, sweet loot" to find.

Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Release Tonight

Just a friendly reminder to those who may have pre-ordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - select Gamestops will be hosting a Midnight Release tonight in advance of tomorrow's official release date. Break out those pre-order receipts and get up there to nab your copy before everyone else. And by everyone else, we mean suckers who aren't running in there tonight. Check out the full list of Midnight Releases to see if your local GameStop is participating. And I'll see you on Xbox Live after midnight tonight.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where are the coordinates?

It is safe to assume anyone who works at Google is a nerd.That being said, this Google map brings the strange days of random encounters such as that of the Alert to a slightly lesser margin, and really brings the modern-day investigator and the tools at his disposal to the forefront of awesomeness.

Northeast U.S. GameStops Selling Modern Warfare 2 Early

GameStops in Northeastern states such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early, granted special dispensation from Activision due to street-breaking mom-and-pop stores.

Here in Atlanta we still have to wait until Monday's midnight launch to pick up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but lucky folks in several Northeastern states are getting their copies earlier. According to a GameStop employee I spoke to in Bowling Green, Ohio, Activision granted certain area stores special permission to sell the game early, in order to stem the tide of lost customers picking their copies up early from local mom and pop stores.

Called my local Game Stop; the chick that answered was a complete bitch. "No we can't sell it before Monday at midnight, that would be illegal." /condescending higher-than-thou attitude

Might be worth a shot for others, though.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Halo Legend Episode on Halo Waypoint

Today Halo Waypoint will be airing a full episode of Halo Legends called "The Babysitter." This first Halo Legends preview episode follows the story of a group of ODSTs who reluctantly accept a Spartan sniper into their strike team. As they embark on a perilous mission to assassinate a high-ranking Covenant Prophet, old rivalries must be reexamined if the mission is to succeed. Watch what happens as the mission progresses into hostile territory, and both the Spartan and the ODSTs discover something important about the other.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Celebrate Gears 2's First Anniversary With Triple XP

Today through Monday, November 16, 9 AM EST, Gears of War 2 gamers get a nine-day multiplayer extravaganza. In addition to triple experience throughout the event, players will be able to play in an all-new tactical mode across all multiplayer game types (including Horde). Players can expect two big changes in tactical mode, increased weapon damage and reduced ammo counts, along with a few subtle tweaks such as increasing down-but-not-out health so revives are still possible. Also during the event, Public Horde’s difficulty will be bumped to hardcore, and playlists can include individual game types—meaning you can play exactly what you want, when you want. Prepare for the challenge, and more than ever, remember to take cover!