Thursday, November 26, 2009

Say goodbye to that bird, nerd

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heap on the squash, Josh
Slice up the Spam, Sam
Pass me that salt, Walt
And then cut me some meat
I need some fried dough, Joe
So get it over here, pronto
And then you better step back, Jack
And watch me eat
Big fat steak, Jake
Chicken pot pie, guy
Slab of cheese, please
And a root beer float
Let go the fork, dork
Get away from that roast pork
Say goodbye to that bird, nerd
It's going down my throat
So grab another plate, Nate
Open up the fridge, Midge
Dish out the spud, Bud
And make room for me
If I'm a little uncouth, Ruth
It's 'cause I got me a sweet tooth
Together again, Ben
Thanksgiving and me

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