Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snoop Puppy Dogg

Some of you may not have heard yet, but I got a dog a few weeks ago. A puppy, actually. Someone abandoned it outside my house. Just stopped their car and threw it out. It was about six or seven weeks old then, just a tiny little puppy that was shaking and crying. Best I can tell it's mostly German Shepherd, with what's probably a little lab and possibly a little bit husky in it.

Anyway, so the dog is named Dizzy. The reason for the name is two fold. One, when he was really little, he would sit in my lap, then get up and turn around and around and fall over. Very cute. The other is partially after the character from Gears of War 2 that drives the grindlift. The dog is getting big fast. And as he grows, so does his energy. So I gotta get him to burn it off. He used to be afraid of taking walks until lately, but I now I bring him around the south part of the city every day for about an hour. South New Castle is crumbling, with dilapidated and abandoned buildings. A huge edifice lies a block from my house, looking like an old abandoned church, but is actually the remains of the Terrace Avenue School from the 1800s. An abandoned house is next door, and another across the street. What people live in the area are a mix of the elderly who have been here since New Castle wasn't a craphole, or simple white trash.

It's amazing what you see when you go for a walk. As I've pointed out, there are a lot of abandoned buildings. When I'm out walking the dog, I tend to linger and stare at some of them, such as the Terrace Av. School. You can't help but get the impression that you're the protagonist in the beginning of a Lovecraft story. As a matter of fact, for the Lovecraft aficionado, the neighborhood I live in closely mirrors the French Hill district in Arkham. But aside from the buildings, you see the people. Some are just walking down the street. Some are in their yards or on their porch. Some are just... there. But I can honestly say that for every few people I bump into, I see some kid or group of kids (note that I would refer to anyone of any age as kid if their demeanor shows it) thinking they're ghetto fab freestyle rappers, or wannabe gang-bangers. Except they're little white kids who wouldn't know the street if it bit them on the ass.

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Anonymous said...

What an asshole. People are stupid nowadays.

Dogs are awesome.

Congrats, I guess.