Friday, May 6, 2011

Play In Our World, Live In Fear of ID Theft

In the last few days, it started getting real. Info and links with some commentary below. As always, post your questions and comments.
Sony subpoenaed by New York Attorney General
Turns out waiting six days to notify people their information had been compromised was a bad idea. This data was released by the US Department of 'Duh'.

PSN servers were 'unpatched and had no firewall installed,' security expert testifies

This actually says it all - "Sony was using outdated software on its servers — and knew about it months in advance of the recent security breaches that allowed hackers to get private information from over 100 million user accounts."

House Energy & Commerce Committee

Congress sends inquiry to Sony about PSN security breach

Sony: PSN rebuild complete, internal testing in 'final stages'
Yay. Now I can go back on PSN and not care about PSN. Playstation Home is boring now. Qriocity is such a lame attempt to make an app for PS3 and make some money at the same time. Oh, and then there's Life with Playstation. You know, if you want to raise your electric bill so Stanford University can use your PS3 to map isotopes or something. And, you know, no gaems.

Sony to offer PSN users free identity theft protection for one year
What they should have done from the beginning. But they didn't want to spend money. Then shit officially hit the fan and they had to do what everyone had said they should have done. With an ID monitoring company I've never heard of.
Stringer issues apology for 'inconvenience and concern' caused by PSN breach
Sony attempts to save face. Tactically apologizes because they have to. Dumps tons of money into marketing because they're now the Toyota of entertainment.

SCEE 'working incredibly hard' to offer protection for European PSN users
How disingenuous. Sony's been all over the European SOE hack, but has hardly given a crap about North America's compromised PSN. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the nature of the beast. Sony is not a North American company. It is a Japanese company that caters to Asia and Europe, with some trade negotiations across the ocean for good measure. The US, Canada, Mexico, etc will ALWAYS be last on the list. My wife owns a PS3 and a PSP. As I told her last night, I will never buy another Sony product.

Seriously, who wants to play some Halo?

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